Our extensive range of firewood in Wellington

Choose from our great range of firewood varieties in Wellington. We have a large range of quality wood and at prices that cannot be matched. Please take a look at what we offer below.
Split firewood
Pine can be described as a soft wood giving low to medium heat. It is generally the cheapest wood merchants supply due to its availability. EzyBurn Firewood Ltd recommends that pine you buy is mixed with a harder wood such as Douglas Fir or Macrocarpa. All pine bought from EzyBurn Firewood Ltd is well seasoned and ready for delivery.
Macrocarpa is a popular mid-priced wood. It is very much suited to the burner, providing good heat and burn time while being easy to split. This makes it ideal for breaking down into kindling for fire starting. Macrocarpa is good for burning by itself, although is especially good to mix with harder woods. Ezyburn Firewood Ltd does not recommend Macrocarpa as used with an open fire due to its tendency to sparking.
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir is a recommended good all round wood. It produces great heat and extended burning time. Being a straight grain wood, Douglas Fir is very easy to split down into kindling. If you buy Douglas Fir from us you can be assured that it is 100% seasoned.
Blue Gum
Blue gum is a slow burning hardwood that provides very good heat with an excellent burning time. It is good to throw blue gum on the fire once the fire is already established as it is not very effective in lighting fires. Blue gum purchased from Ezyburn Firewood Ltd is felled 3 years prior to being available to purchase and is split the year before being ready for the next winter.
Manuka is a very best hard wood. It provides a heat and burn time that is far superior to all other Firewoods. In order to get best value for your wood you should purchase 2 seasons in advance.
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