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Welcome to Ezyburn Firewood Ltd. We have over 20 years experience providing the people of Wellington with quality firewood at excellent prices. Choose from a range of different woods, each with particular strengths and burning qualities. These include pine, macrocarpa, douglas fir, gum and manuka. When you purchase firewood from us, you will receive clean wood in manageable sizes, suitable for your fireplace.

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The Ezyburn Firewood Ltd vision incorporates a strong sense of accountability, respect, efficiency and commitment in every area of our company. Our dedicated staff members are here to ensure that you receive the best customer service and assistance that you deserve.


We have recently upgraded our firewood processor, replacing the splitting head. It can now give a better variety of split wood. We have also introduced a screen at the end of the conveyor which helps to remove up to 80% of debris from your load. This ensures you get the quality wood you deserve.
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